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Welcome to Novopokrovskaya district

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I, the Head of the Municipal Formation Novopokrovskaya District, Revyakin Yuri Mihailovich, am pleased to present you the Municipal Formation Novopokrovskaya District which has a great investment potential and competitive preferences due to the economically advantageous location of the district at the intersection of road and rail transport routes between the three major industrial centers Ц Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and Stavropol Ц favorable climatic conditions, fertile agricultural lands, the developed energy and engineering infrastructure and abundant labor resources.

The crop production, animal husbandry and processing industry are the most important economy sectors of the Novopokrovskaya District. In the past few years, the agro-industrial complex of the Municipal Formation shows a steady growth in many economic parameters. Following the results of 2015, all types of agricultural sector produced goods in the amount of 9.326 billion rubles that is by 22.2% higher than in 2014, and the volume of the shipped goods of the processing industry amounted to 3.8607 billion rubles, or 136.3% to the level of 2014. During the 1st half of 2016, agricultural products were produced in the amount of 1.0696 billion rubles, which is 2.2 times higher than the level of 2015. The products manufactured by the local agricultural producers meet the modern needs of the import substitution, successfully provide the food security of the population, and create a solid food supply for the development of animal husbandry in the district due to the continuous increase of the crop yield.

The investment growth rate by large and medium-sized enterprises amounted to 164.6% in 2015 that allowed the Novopokrovskaya District to rank 4th in the Krasnodar Region by this parameter.

The most of the focus is on the further development of the priority sectors of agriculture, processing and marketing of the crop and livestock production, the implementation of investment projects in the agricultural sector, updating technical and technological base in agriculture, supporting small farms in rural areas, and the integrated development of rural areas in the district. Various measures are being taken to facilitate developing farms in order to develop animal husbandry of the Municipal Formation Novopokrovskaya District. Particular attention is paid to the development of alternative types of animal husbandry through monitoring of investment projects involving construction of new farms or reconstruction of existing ones, as well as through providing the state support.

The Municipal Formation has a background for the further investment development as well. We are open to cooperation, establishing strong business contacts, purchasing worthy partners who consider the territory of the district as a place for the implementation of promising ideas. We are ready to propose you an interesting and, most importantly, favorable offers and invite to mutually beneficial cooperation for the successful development of your business on the hospitable Kuban territory.

Head of the Municipal Formation Novopokrovskaya District
Svitenko Aleksandr Viktorovich