Construction of the store "Trading house" Comfort "

Amount of investments, mln rubles: 29,4

OKVED Code: -52.46

Place of implementation: 125A Sovetskaya str., Cossack village Novopokrovskaya, Novopokrovskaya district, Krasnodar region

Number of new jobs: 12

Implementation period: 2014-2015

The agreement under the investment project "Construction of a store "Trading house COMFORT" aiming to merchandise with finishing and construction materials was concluded in 2014. The store is located in the center of Cossack village Novopokrovskaya, with convenient access roads and parking lot. The facility was commissioned as far back as in 2015.

The store specializes on merchandising with articles for construction, repairs, power tools, furniture for bathrooms, wide range of luminaire, doors, carpeting and other floor covering as well as different household products.