Establishment of a stone fruit orchard on a land plot area of 32 hectares

Investor Private entrepreneur Shaginyan S.K.

Amount of investments, mln rubles: 9

OKVED Code: -01.25

The essence of the project: establishment of intensive orchard of fruit stone trees on a land plot area of 32 hectares with the use of a wire method of growing.

Place of implementation: Cossack village Ploskaya, Novoivanovskoye Rural settlement, Novopokrovskaya district, Krasnodar region

Number of new jobs: 7

Implementation period: 2016-2017

The status of the project: The project was fully implemented; an orchard was established on an area of 32 hectares. The project implementation enabled to create 7 jobs with an average monthly salary of 18 000 rubles, annual tax deductions – 0.8 mln rubles, project capacity – 2500 tons of fruit.