Construction of a mass merchandising store

The agreement under the investment project "Construction of a mass merchandising store" aiming to implement a pre-fabricated supermarket of food and non-food products in the central part of Novopokrovskaya Cossack village was concluded at XIV International Investment Forum "Sochi-2015" by the Administration of the municipal formation Novopokrovskaya district and Private entrepreneur Arutyunova I.V.

The store with a total area of 520 sq.m. specializes on merchandise with food and non-food products.

Investor – Private entrepreneur Arutyunova I.V.

Amount of investments, mln rubles: 14

OKVED Code: -52.1

Place of implementation: 51 Sovetskaya str., Cossack village Novopokrovskaya, Novopokrovskaya district, Krasnodar region

Number of new jobs: 15

Implementation period: 2015